About Me

Ashlee's family moved around every couple of years when she was younger causing her to change schools frequently. With each move and new school it seemed as though she was always trying to make new friends but never quite fit in. It always felt like the kids were somehow different than her.
When Ashlee got to high school, her mother suggested she try out for the cheerleading squad as a way to join a group that might help her feel like she fit in. However, she hadn't had any gymnastics training, so her mother enrolled her in a tumbling class. During the tryouts, it was evident all of the girls on the squad were much more advanced than Ashlee was in their tumbling skills so unfortunately she did not make the team. She was very sad and again felt like an outsider.

Ashlee always enjoyed movies and theatre, so she decided to take some acting classes. She really enjoyed the time spent with the other kids and felt that at last, she had finally found a place she fit in with kids who had the same interests. Her first audition was for the Wizard of Oz at a local children's theater. She was only expecting to get the role of a munchkin or background actor, but to her surprise, she received the role of Jade, which was a supporting role and had several lines of dialogue. During the first day of rehearsal, it was announced that the person slated to play Auntie Em had decided to back out. This role was small, but included a big singing solo at the beginning of the musical. Since Ashlee had been in choir for several years, and had a strong singing voice, they offered the role to Ashlee.

Ashlee continued to do children's theater, but felt she wanted to pursue a career in acting and wanted to start getting experience doing film. She found out there were a couple local film challenges she could have an opportunity to be a part of. The first one was a 48 hour film challenge in which an entire short film had to be written, filmed and edited within 48 hours. In addition, there were 3 criteria that had to be incorporated into the film. She wasn't part of any team and because she was new to the film industry, she didn't have any connections. The organizer of the event told her to show up anyways because sometimes actors don't show up for one reason or another and they would need someone to fill in at the last minute. Ashlee showed up at the event and fortunately, there was a team who's leading lady didn't show up. The director felt Ashlee was a little young, but with enough make-up and the right clothes, decided she could play older. She was up till 2:00 am filming her part and loved every minute of it! Unfortunately, the team's film didn't make the 48 hour deadline so she would have to wait to see her film debut on the big screen.

Her next opportunity was a 24 hour film challenge. This was a similar set up as the 48 hr challenge, but it had to be done in only 24 hrs. This made Ashlee skeptical since the last attempt didn't get done in time and she didn't have a team to join. But again, the organizer came to the rescue. He forwarded Ashlee's resume and headshots to a few of the teams that had signed up asking if they needed an actress. A team leader offered to let her be a part of their team. Ashlee was expecting to be a background actor, or perhaps to have a couple lines of dialogue. However, when she arrived and read thru the script, she realized they gave her one of the leading roles! They had written the script around a misfit daughter and her dad. It was a wonderful opportunity to work with the other actor and this team. The team had several years experience already and were able to finish the job within 24 hours. The film made the top 20 out of all films submitted and was shown at a real theater on the big screen. The top 20 videos played to a sold out audience of 300 people. Finally Ashlee had achieved goal of becoming a film actor!

In the meantime, her supportive family agreed that traditional school just didn't fit Ashlee. She was allowed her to take high school classes online and some college classes at the local community college.
Update: Ashlee got accepted early into The American Musical & Dramatic Academy (AMDA) musical theater program and will be 18 when she graduates from the NY Campus.

At this time Ashlee Renee is currently studying and is unable to obtain talent agent representation. However, her talent manager is Lauri Hunter Mershon.
(480) 789-1918 LauriMershon@hotmail.com

Always sad leaving LA. Here's a photo Ashlee took with her phone.